Ryo Lambert

龍 ランバート

Web Dev / Designer / Front-End Engineer


It's my mission and passion to utilize today’s technologies in only the most visually captivating, creative, and interactive mediums possible to give your company’s hard work and great ideas the market and profits it deserves. After getting my BS in Psychology and Chemistry, it's given me a uniquely scientific approach and cognitive sciences perspective to web development: iterating upon the fundamentals of human cognition, emotion, and behavior to create digital experiences people enjoy coming back to again and again. I excel in fast-paced environments, working with teams, creative design/problem-solving, and learning on the go. Let’s collaborate and build something!




At the moment, I've fallen in love with GraphQL- its implications and integration as a thin data layer abstraction that unifies disparate data sources for use in frontend development. In terms of coding experience, I started off learning the basics of object-oriented programming with Java in high school. After that, I dove headfirst into HTML, CSS, and javascript, getting familiar with customizing DOM styling and functionality playing with user interactions and animations. I have experience with frontend frameworks and libraries in JS like three.js, particles.js, gatsby, bootstrap, tailwinds, materialize, and anime.js. I also have experience working with MySQL/PostgreSQL databases, PHP, CMS systems like Wordpress/Netlify CMS/etc., RESTful APIs, Serverless Deployment(Netlify/Now/Github Pages-Actions), CI/CD(TravisCI), Angular, React, and Vue to develop web applications.

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I love working with colors and using/developing scripts to make generative art. I'm used libraries like p5.js with Processing to do lots of fun effects like pixel sorting, perlin noise, and vectorizing some of my work below are use these technologies. Along side the technical components, I really enjoy incorporating cognitive, behavioral, and social psychological principles into my design processes for better overall aesthetic appeal and user interactivity.

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